October 2012, Previous Issues

Excitement is building for Homecoming week

Every year students, faculty, staff and alumni look forward to the events during homecoming (Oct. 14- 20, 2012). This year will be the first homecoming for what now is Saint Augustine’s University and the second football game held on campus.

To prepare us for what is to come students, Brandon Gwaltey and Derrick Ford hosted the 2012 homecoming unveiling show this week. As the hosts announced each event, they showed various comical video spoofs, including Ludacris’ My Chick Bad, Sisqo’s Thong Song and Rick Ross’ Hold ‘em Back.

Their school spirit got the crowd going, but SAU’s Superior Sounds Marching Band really got the show started when they performed several songs with the entire gymnasium dancing and singing along with them.

Another performance that got the crowd hyped was SAU’s own modeling troupes.

“Forget what you heard and just watch them walk,” the emcee shouted as the Belle Ja’Dore modeling troupe showed off their modeling skills. Another modeling troupe Nubiance “Nubi 93,” not only showed off their modeling skills, but put on a great dance performance as well.

Saint Augustine’s preview of Homecoming even went outside the university; Meek Mills, who will perform a concert on Oct. 20, gave St. Aug a shoutout on Twitter.

A list of homecoming events can be found here.

— Ja’Brozeia Hines