December 2012

We are all different; be yourself

We are all very complex beings and unique in our own way.

Not including the fact that almost everyone has different DNA, no two people are exactly the same. So why is it that we challenge each other’s measure of success?

With college graduation season just around the corner, a lot of young people are already underwater. Many are trying to create a path for their futures, while others are still trying to figure out what they’re most passionate about while still anticipating the unknown.

As young adults, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to figure out exactly what gives us the greatest satisfaction in life. What we are passionate about can change over time and it’s perfectly fine to be passionate about multiple things at once.

Christopher Langley, a senior business communications major at Saint Augustine’s University, said, “In order for a student to prosper, they must first stay motivated and never lose their hunger for education in all areas of life because they will always find their self settling for less than what they deserve.”

Having a tunnel vision way of thinking that you have to find the perfect career puts restraints on the use of the knowledge and skills that you already have. Sometimes people who succeed in a certain field don’t even discover that field until they’re middle-aged or older! There is time for you to grow in what you know about yourself and who you want to be in the future. It might take some different jobs to get there, or you might just be somebody who tries a lot of different things.

Just don’t procrastinate.

— Ranell Jenkins