January 2013

Where are the baseball fans?

Could you imagine no fans at a Pittsburgh Steelers game? There would be no “Terrible Towels.” Just imagine going to a Duke game not seeing all those fans jumping up and down. Now imagine going to a Green Bay Packers game, and a player scores a touchdown and they can’t do the “Lambo Leap.” It would be very weird, right? Well we have amazing teams at Saint Augustine’s University and not all of the teams get the fan support they should.

The Falcon baseball team seems to be the team that gets the least fan support, and that’s hard for those of us on the team. We’ve been one of the most efficient teams the past six years, going to the CIAA championship games multiple times and also winning the CIAA championship in 2009. Two of our players have been drafted as pros in the last five years.

What’s ironic is that the Falcon baseball team is well known on campus for being overly joyful at games—great fans of the other teams. They have even been given the name at the volleyball games the “Sixth Man” on the court. The name was created by Ms. Kelly, our assistant athletic director.  So you pretty much could say that our team is like the kids jumping up and down at Duke games. We give so much extra energy to the team playing to help them overcome tough odds.

You really don’t know how much of advantage it is as a player to hear your fans breaking the concentration of the other team. Not only does it affect their performance physically but it makes them lose their mental edge. That’s the whole point of having fans, to create somewhat of a legal unfair advantage to the other team. Regardless of what players might say home field or court advantage is a major tool for a team to be successful. All the great teams that you can name have an amazing fan base.

I know that baseball might not be the most exciting sport to watch, but the baseball team could use some extra support every now and again.  You can catch all of the times and locations to at www.saintaugfalcons.com.  We are trying hard to get buses to come to the games so that way our student body will get a chance to experience the atmosphere of a college baseball game.

No team could ever have too many fans–the motto is the more the merry, right?  We’re asking you to give our Falcon baseball team the most amazing fan base in the CIAA.