April 2013

Bugg Elementary hosts its 2nd College Day


It looked like the participants in Bugg Elementary’s second annual College Bound Day on Friday, March 22, were just having fun. But the event’s purpose is mainly educational, according to Ruth Ann Freeman, Bugg Elementary Assistant Principal.

“The purpose for having College Bound Day is to build a relationship between college students and elementary students,” Freeman said. “These college students are paving the way for students here at Bugg.”

The event, which has been held for two years, was designed to give Bugg students a vision of what college is like. The day-long event gave the students an opportunity to learn about the many job opportunities that await them in the future and the skill sets they’re going to need to achieve for those professional positions.

Other universities taking part, besides St. Augustine’s, were Shaw University and North Carolina State University.
The college students enjoyed the program and believed it was worthwhile.

“I wish I did have a college bound” Matthew Murphy, Junior at North Carolina State University. “The most I had in elementary was a speaker who read books and he would tell us about the wonderful life he had in college.”