May 2013

Triangle Stomp and Shakers

cheerleadersMiyoshi Polk, Saint Augustine’s University’s campus liaison for Raleigh Fellows, alumnus and former Blue Chip (Saint Augustine’s University’s illustrious cheerleading team), has created a community based, cheerleading team.

In February 2013, Ms. Polk teamed up with two other alumni and former Blue Chips, Shaccoa Hoover and Sheena Johns, to create this non-profit organization, Triangle Stomp and Shake Cheerleading Club. Starting with Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), these ladies first designed the organization with the efforts to still be a part of cheerleading themselves but soon realized that Raleigh’s need for a young female outlet was strong. They noticed that in the city of Raleigh there were no cheerleading teams for middle and high school aged students to join

Polk serves as the coach of the  Triangle Stomp and Shake Cheerleading Club, Hoover serves as the performance coach, and. Johns as the conditioning coach. The coaches don’t only guide these young ladies in cheerleading for competitions and AAU tournaments but they also advise them with life obstacles, and encourage them to be active servants of the community.

These young ladies have visited Saint Augustine’s University as guest performers at Community Day 2013 and plan to be even more active in and around the community.