November 2013

Students produce ad for Super Bowl contest

quentin2No one can accuse Quentin Headen of not aiming for the stars. The sophomore from Hillsborough, N.C., has put together a commercial for Doritos that he hopes the snack food company will choose for the Super Bowl. If it is chosen, Headen will be eligible for a $1 million prize – which he presumably will share with those who helped.

The idea actually came from his brother, Nicholas Headen, Quentin explained. Nicholas works for Inside Entertainment of Raleigh and learned of the contest from Doritos. “He called me and told me to get as many friends together as possible and go shoot a commercial.”

Quentin got six St. Augustine’s University students together – and a woman from N.C. Central – and shot the commercial. (To view the commercial, see the Falcon Forum home page.)

The winning ad will be chosen by votes. To vote for the St. Aug ad, click on this link.

The plot for the commercial came from stories their father used to tell them about pick-up football games he used to play with his buddies, Quentin explained. One of their favorite stories involved players delaying the game to flirt with female onlookers. For the commercial, a bag of Doritos was substituted for ladies on the sidelines.


Their father died last year, Quentin said. “This is kind of like in memory of him,” he said.