October 2013

Take precaution for the holidays

thanksgiving dinner

Turkey day is approaching

Turkey day is approaching, and students at Saint Augustine’s University are ready to head back home for a home-cooked meal. Students will be able to go home Nov. 27, and must return by Dec. 1 Even though it is only a few days, the campus will be empty and anything can happen.

Junior Tiffany Belk left her laptop on her desk during Thanksgiving break of last year, and when she returned it was gone. “I did not know what to think,” Belk said. “I thought I locked my door but it was gone when I got back I learned my lesson.”

It’s a lesson for students should learn, said Lucky Rogers, an RA, “ It is important students listen and pay attention to the flyers around campus that talk about locking items up and being careful about leaving windows and doors unlocked while gone,” he said.

Kimber-lee Suiter, resident director for Falkcrest, said there have been incidents in residences all over campus where items have been taken from student’s rooms and the items never were found, so the students must be aware of the need to locking things up.

Even though this is a gated school and there is only one way in and one way out for vehicles, people can get in on foot. Security guards do patrol the campus and make sure the doors are locked, however the students must do their part, officials said. Here are some steps students can take to keep their possessions safe during the holidays:

• Make sure all windows in your room or suite are locked before leaving.

• Even though you are gone for only five days, make sure you take your laptop computers home with you if you can.

• For bigger items that you cannot take home, like large computers and television, lock them in the closet and just the bathroom door and your main door.

Ashley Ross