April 2014

Undergraduate Research Day 2014

URDayOn April 4, 2014, 37 students from all disciplines and classifications presented their research to the campus community as part of participated in the Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Day. Students presented their research in the form of papers, posters, and creative works. The purpose of UR Day at Saint Augustine’s University is to celebrate the work of undergraduate students engaged in research and creative endeavors, to showcase their accomplishments to the university community and to inspire and coach those in the early stages of research and creative projects.

Students said it was a very satisfying experience.

“It was a great learning experience and I look forward to next year. It motivates me to stay engaged in research to impact my community,” said Justin Miller, a junior majoring in political science.

Jessica Garcia-Solis, a senior majoring in psychology, added: “I never thought I could be published as an undergrad but it’s possible. It wasn’t easy or fun but the things that are worth it never are.”

The following students were recognized for their excellence in research and presentation:


1st Place – Brittany  Dunigan: “Knock Down of DNA Polymerase Beta in XRCC1+I+

and XRCC1-/-Mouse Fibroblast Cells”

2nd Place- Jennifer Plair: “Contribution of Membrane Associated  GPR30 in

Nongenomic Signaling by Bisphenol A”

Panel Presentations:

1st Place – Kacey McHoney: “Role of sEH Expression  in Cardiomyocytes and

Endothelial Cells in Protection Against lschemia/Reperfusion”

2nd Place- Justin Miller: “Equal Opportunity Contractor Recruitment Sources”

-TaVashane’ Brown