October 2014

President Obama: I Still Believe

Obama_Greek_Independence_2014_declaration“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” I feel as though this quote exemplifies the direction in which Barack Obama has gone great lengths to take as the president of the United States. Being our president in such a trying day and age, Obama has had to face trials and tribulations that the ones before him never had to face and surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, one of the main factors in those have been driven by racism. No matter how you word it or try to disagree, his entire presidency has been highly race-driven and it easily has a way of overshadowing all that he’s done for the United States.

My president, your president, our president, however, took everything that was thrown at him throughout the election in great stride – demonstrating a character that I feel only Barack Obama could possess. I’ve heard many say that the excitement and sense of hope surrounding his re-election paled in comparison to the 2008 election but Obama’s excitement didn’t. He kept the same drive and motivation from when he first became president until the present time and that, I feel, should make you respect someone even more. Barack Obama was also never one to admit that he could solve any problem at the drop of a hat, he always advocates time.

He knew when he became President that he would have many hurdles to jump, hurdles that had been built by many Presidents that have graced the White House before him. He set a goal to lead the world in college graduates by 2020, and cut the growth of college tuition and fees in half over the next 10 years, a goal which will save you thousands of dollars a year, and also suggested bringing together community colleges and businesses to train 2 million Americans for jobs. College tuition for Saint Augustine’s University could reach as high as $30, 000 a year in future years but, because of Obama, it could end up being much less. There is no human being on Earth that is perfect and that includes President Obama. I believe, however, if we trust in the foundation that he’s laid and continues to make progress on, there is nothing that can stop his future success.