November 2014

Stop complaining about activities and get involved

This semester especially, the campus activities board has hosted a number of events during breaks throughout the day or in the evenings so students will have something to do. The have hosted more events on the mall, upstairs in the MLK Student Union and in the gym.

Although they host and promote these events on social networks, sometimes they still don’t have a great turnout. So I have asked a few students why they don’t participate in these events. Their answers varied greatly.

A male freshman still complained that there was nothing to do. A female sophomore stated, “I hardly hear about these events, and when I do I always have something to do.”  A male junior said he just really wasn’t interested, and a female senior stated how much she appreciated CAB initiative and these opportunities. She always encourages everyone to go and participate so in years to come, there will continue to be more things to do.

I think students should be grateful and appreciative of things that are being done to enhance the school morale.

Shynese Hockaday