November 2014

We need some changes in our cafeteria

I have attended Saint Augustine College for three years every year the caféteria has been the same — a problem. There were times I have gone and there was nowhere to sit. Other times the food was nasty or there was hair or even a bug in my food.

I feel Saint Augustine caféteria should make some changes:

  • They should get their food from a different company.
  • They should better prepare the food.
  • They should have a better variety of food.
  • They should open the second floor of the caféteria so there would be more places to sit.
  • The drinks in the drink machine should not be so much watered down.

But it’s not just my opinion; I talked to several students to get their opinion on the cafeteria. Jakeina Sutton, a junior, said, “I’m upset that I have a meal plane and have to pay taxes for meal plan and it still taste terrible for the amount of money I pay.” Jevel Bellamy, a senior, said, “The caf should have more [card] swipes.” Jeremy Sandifer, a senior said, “They should take the time to actually make the food and have some variety of the things to eat.”

Anthony Dixon, a freshmen said, “Maybe they should have a different variety of food — I’m sick of chicken Thursdays and fish Fridays.” Issa Glivens, a junior, said, “The caf can have a better food selection on a specific days, the only day worth it really is fried chicken Thursdays.”

If these small things were changed I feel the café would be greatly improved.