November 2014

Election results were disappointing

The results from this previous election for North Carolina’s U.S. senator were very disappointing. Kay Hagan lost to Thom Tillis. It disappoints me because I know that the results could have been better if my young black peers would have voted.

Kay Hagan was a supporter of planned parenthood while Tillis was against it. Tillis is not supportive of women’s rights and has voted to cut funding for planned parenthood as well as birth control and free cancer screenings.

I think my generation doesn’t know the value in voting. We think the only important election is the election for the United States president, which is far from true. The most important election is actually for the elected officials who are closest to you like the school board, senator, governor and so forth.

If my generation would have voted like they should have, the turnout from this election would have been different. I also learned that if we do not vote for seven consecutive years, you will lose your right to vote.

My peers need to learn the value of voting and respect what it means to vote. Because of the sacrifices of my black ancestors, I believe it is my duty to vote. They fought so hard for that right, and it is disrespectful to not take advantage of it.

Hopefully, in the future we can learn to be more dedicated to voting because it is our duty as African Americans.

 By- Joydan Dawson