February 2015

I’m only writing this article so I won’t get a zero

Recently, as I was on social media, I found a video of the Seattle Seahawks football player Marshawn Lynch. In the video, he was asked interview questions after the game which is normal for an athlete. Instead of answering these interview questions, Lynch repeated the same statement after every question, “Thanks for asking.” I found his comments to be funny but after a while I found it to be very unprofessional.

On ESPN he was criticized by some sports anchors who found it disrespectful for him to not answer the questions he was being asked. “Talking to the media is a part of his job,” one anchor said. “I completely understand if he does not want to answer these questions if he was being asked something personal but they are asking him football-related questions.”

Another anchor mentioned that Lynch had been fined $50,000 twice for continuing to not answer interview question. “I agree — he should get fined every time he won’t answer a question,” the anchor agreed.

In a more recent interview before the Super Bowl, Lynch was at it again. This time, he answered every question by stating, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” He was asked 29 questions, and he kept repeating, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

I agree with the ESPN anchors. I believe Marshawn Lynch should get fined for every interview he continues to act like this. They are not asking him anything personal and it is a part of his job. We all have things to do that we may not like to do – like writing assignments for college classes. Lynch knew when he signed his contract that he had to answer the media’s questions and he earns a good salary.

He is being unprofessional and if he doesn’t change his behavior, they should look into a more serious punishment.

— Joydan Dawson