February 2015

Next Lyceum event is set for Feb. 26

RALEIGH NC—Interim President Dr. Everett B. Ward has brought a  forum back to Saint Augustine’s University designed to stimulate intelletual thoight and debate. Called the Lyceum Series, the event is held once a month on a Thursday at 11 a.m. in Emery Gymnasium.
This is not the first time Saint Augustine’s University is hosting the lyceum series on its campus. When Dr. Ward attended Saint Augustine’s College, Dr. Thelma Roundtree, who was vice president for academic affairs, brought the lyceum series to campus. 
“The lyceum program was something that was very prevalent on campus,’ Dr. Ward explained. “It was something that I gained a lot of enrichment from. So I wanted to make certain that a new generation of Saint Augustine’s students will have that same type of personal intimate relationship with decision makers of today.”
The benefit of the Lyceum Series is to strengthen the intellectual and cultural mindsets of the students attending Saint Augustine’s. The lyceum series has hosted speakers such as North Carolina Supreme Court justice Cheri L. Beasley, Reverend Jonathan J. Augustine, and Congressman David Price. Dr. Ward is open to student suggestions on who they want to speak in the future at the lyceum series.
 Johna Mitchell, a senior majoring broadcast journalism, would like to see more speakers relevant to her field.  “I would like to see journalist, reporters, and mass communication professional speak at future lyceum events,” Mitchell said.
The next lyceum series will be held on Thursday February 26, 2015. The speaker that day will be Dr. Shirlkeymu Winston an assistant professor in the history department at Saint Augustine’s University. The lyceum series has been a wonderful addition to the campus.
— Christian Roberson