February 2015

Only juniors must take ETS this year

Raleigh, NC – The ETS Examination that Saint Augustine’s University requires each year is now being given only to juniors. Previously, the test has been given to both sophomores and juniors but, this year, the ETS Committee determined they will only test juniors because juniors should have completed course work comparable to the knowledge being measured by the test.

The test will be given on Feb. 16 and 17.

The ETS Examination is a standardized test  that measures student proficiency in areas compatible with the Saint Augustine’s University core competencies, such as written communication and Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM). The test is not for course credit, but students are expected to try to do their best. The test does not measure knowledge of specific content covered in any particular course, but the results do provide valuable planning information for the university by helping administrators determine how much students are learning. The university uses the results to plan its curriculum. The ETS Examination also is a requirement for graduation.

The ETS Examination measures competencies that the institution believes are important for future graduates to have.

ETS scores have no impact on students’ GPA, but the tests could impress potential employers and impact students’ ability to get a job, according to. Dr. Iyalu Moses, a professor at Saint Augustine’s University and a member of the ETS Examination Committee. “It may be of importance when reporting to a potential employer that your alma mater provided this opportunity to take a snapshot of its programs and engage in continuous improvement based on student test outcomes,” Dr. Moses said.

— Shavona Hill