April 2015

Chop, Boom and You’re Gone


Saint Augustine’s University has been my home away from home for the last four years of my life. I am now proud to say that I will be graduating in exactly 18 days with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication with a concentration in broadcasting.

This experience has been phenomenal, and I believe it was all worth it: standing in long lines to get registered; waking up early for those 8 o’clock classes; staying up late doing papers and studying because I procrastinated until the day before; talking all night with your roommates; going out with friends knowing we had homework to complete; meeting some amazing people whom I call my best friends here at college; taking a trip with the university to my hometown Washington, D.C., to the 7th HBCU Career Development Marketplace, which was an enlightening and humbling experience; taking a trip to Houston, Texas, with one of my best friends — better known as my sister — this last Spring Break; and, finally, all my great accomplishments I made here at Saint Augustine’s University for which I am so thankful.

Coming to college was one of my best choices I had made in life. Being here I was able to sharpen my skills in my field and provided me the necessary tools to enhance my skills with all the classes I had taken and are taking I am now more knowledgeable about my field and what is expected. In addition, college has taught me how diverse this world is.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to say that my experiences here at this institution help mold me into the young woman I am today. None of this could have been possible without God, my family and friends supporting me. Their prayers and love helped me get through these fours years.

This journey that I embarked on four years ago is coming to an end and yes, it is bittersweet. My time in college has enriched my life. The moments and experiences I have had in college is irreplaceable and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I will definitely miss my friends, and my professors that I had a chance to meet.

I will continue my education onto graduate school with hopes of one day becoming a Journalism/English professor, and a CEO of a mentorship program for children in urban areas of Washington, DC.

Looking back, I believe I could have joined more organizations on campus, studied a little harder or met more people but I have no regrets. I leave this institution with being on the Dean’s List and an Honors Scholar multiply semesters, earning membership in Alpha Alpha Mu Honor Society Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, and achieving a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Public Relations.

I am now ready to leave the nest and fly high like a Falcon!


–Shavona Hill