April 2015

Coming To Alphamerica

Envelope please…and the winner is Tianna Felix. The Junior majoring in Psychology is the 2015 Miss Black and Gold scholarship pageant hosted by the Gamma Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. The event was held April 19 in Seby Jones Auditorium. The theme of the pageant was coming to Alphamerica.
Six young ladies competed in the event – besides Felix, there were Elisa Ray, Leslie Souviance, Isis Rodan, Frieda Brown and Daisha Little.
The event started with a dance, followed by the talent portion of the pageant. Next was the swimsuit portion of the show. After a brief intermission to allow the audience to vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award and donate money to the person they wanted to be the 2015-2016 Miss Black and Gold, the event continued with the formal wear competition. The last part of the competition consisted of contestants answering questions; once they finished their questions, the judges started calculating the points for the contestants.
There were three titles the six ladies could win: Miss Black and Gold 1st place, Miss Gamma Psi 2nd place, and Miss 1948 3rd place. They also had smaller awards the ladies could win such as best talent, best swimsuit, highest GPA, miss congeniality, and the viewer’s choice award. For winning Miss Black and Gold, Felix won $500 in scholarship money. She also won in the Miss Congeniality, Highest GPA, Best Swimsuit and the Viewer’s Choice categories.
Leslie Souviance, a first semester senior majoring in public health won Miss Gamma Psi, and Frieda Brown, a freshman majoring in athletic training won Miss 1948 as well as Best Talent.
— Christian Roberson​