April 2015

New rules at Saint Augustine University

Saint Augustine University held a meeting for female students at the Emery Gymnasium on April 22. During the meeting, Dean of Women Ann L Brown at Saint Augustine University made comments that were interpreted by students to mean that no student with an unpaid tuition balance could take their final exams. A permit is required to take your spring 2015 examination.

All students must present a permit to their instructor. Your instructor will not administer your final examination without the permit. You are allowed to pick up your permit for the following dates April 27-May 15.Please bring your student ID during the hours of 9a.m. – 4p.m. at the student’s accounts office.

Some students think this policy is unfair. Students have signed petitions against the new regulated policy. On Monday 27th at 4 p.m. Dr. Everett Ward had town hall meeting for faculty and staff and he clarified the policy – all students can take the exams but they all have top visit the university’s Business and Finance office and discuss any unpaid tuition before getting the permit

“I feel like this policy should have been addressed earlier or postponed to until academic school year in the fall, said Jakeina Sutton, a junior.

“The school should not have waited the last two weeks. said junior Laquasia Jackson.


— Takeira Buie