April 2015

Students say the 80 vs 90s Gym Jam was a big hit

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity hosted the 80s vs. 90s party at Saint Augustine University Emery gymnasium on March 28 was a big hit; comments about it was all over social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

The party ran from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. This is the second year the Alphas threw a 80s vs. 90s party, and this year the event was a little more involved. The Alphas had a shuttle bus to take students, the day before, to find an outfit for the party.

People showed up from several different schools, including North Carolina A& T, Central and William Peace universities. Although the turnout was pretty good, security was tight. Drunken people weren’t allowed to come inside the party to start trouble. The dance floor stayed hot and students kept cool for the night.

Students said that partying on campus is more convenient then somewhere like the club because they are right by their rooms.

“I wish we can more events with themes here,” said Laquasia Jackson, a junior. Students want to have fun on weekends on like other campuses like A&T and central.

Rebecca Bondima, also a junior, added; “College is about your studies but also about the experience you have while here and last night was night to remember.”

— Takeira Buie