April 2015

The ladies are about to change the game!

Intramurals are back, which gives the males here at Saint Augustine’s University something to look forward to in their free time in the spring time after the CIAA tournament is over – but not the girls.

Girls can participate in the men’s intramural basketball teams.  But, let’s be honest ,what girl would really want to play with a group of guys? Not many.  In the spring time there are no organized athletics for most young ladies to participate in here.

We should be given the same opportunity to show off our talents as the guys, and we should get a chance to have a little fun before school lets out for the summer break.

I have some cool fun ideas that I think the Student Government Association should take into consideration next school year. For the girls, we should start a Volleyball and Softball Intramural team. It will give the ladies something fun to do, and keep us in shape at the same time.

As girls, we constantly complain about how fit we want to be for the summer (or anytime) so this would be perfect. It would give us something to do and also give us a chance to show off our athletic abilities.

It would also give those who never played these particular two sports a chance to learn a new sport, and it might also provide the opportunity to interact with different girls from various backgrounds, ages and classifications.

I think we should get the ball rolling on these ideas!


By Shavona Hill