We want more Falcon dollars

The Falcon Card should be an all-in-one campus ID card. In addition to serving as students’ ID, the Falcon Card should also be a library card, meal card and a convenient form of payment across campus.

Such a card will play a large part in student campus life by allowing access to university programs and services. If students store money on your Falcon Card using Falcon Cash students would not need a dime in students pocket to make purchases at campus dining locations (café and the grill), the Bookstore or other locations all across campus. Growing as a university, the small things matter. The mandatory fees that are located on student’s accounts could be the beginning of the Falcon Card amount along with the fees awarded each semester with book vultures. As time progress or if students may gain work-study or refunds they simply can be added to the Falcon Card of each student.

Below is an outline of how the Falcon Card could work.

How To Put Falcon Cash On Your Card

 Method I – Falcon Card Online

1  Visit Falcon Card Online

2  If you are a Falcon Card holder: login using your iFalcon ID.Family, friends, and others: you may gift funds to a Falcon Card holder by using the “Guest Deposit” feature as long as the target Falcon Card holder has logged into Falcon Card Online at least once. To do so, you must know the cardholder’s email address and the last four digits of their current Falcon Card. NOTE: If the cardholder has specified a custom, “preferred” email address within ST-AUGGenie you must contact the cardholder to obtain their information. We are unable to disclose cardholder information over the phone. If they have not specified a custom email address, Falcon Card Online will use their @st-aug.edu email account by default.

3  Select the fund you wish to deposit to (Falcon Cash or Flex Dollars “Miscellaneous Funds”).

Use a valid Visa® or MasterCard® to complete your deposit.

Method II –Cash

4  Go to any Fill Stations on campus.

5  Insert your Falcon Card in the card reader.

6  Wait to see your Falcon Cash balance. Put in any combination of $1, $5, $10, or $20.

 Method III –Check

7  Family and friends can write a check made payable to Saint Augustine’s University for any amount. All checks should include the correct Name, Address, and Phone Number, as well as the last 8 digits of the applicable Falcon Card number.

8  Please mail checks to: Falcon Card Center
Director of Collections and Students Accounts 1315 Oakwood Ave. Raleigh, NC 27610

Alternatively, parents can simply drop off a check at the Falcon Card Center located in Student Accounts located in Basement of the Hunter building (room 13).

9  A Falcon Card holder, their family, or their friends may call the Falcon Card Center at (919) 516-4006 to add money using their Visa® or MasterCard®.

10  Please note that the Visa® or MasterCard® holder must present their own credit card information over the phone. We are unable to accept card information from anyone other than the primary cardholder, even with his or her permission.

11  The information that will be requested from the caller is: -Falcon Card Number
-Falcon Card Holder’s Name
-Credit Card Number
-The first 3-digits of the Credit Card billing street address
-The zip code of the Credit Card billing address
-The exact amount to be added to the card

Funds may be added over the phone Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

The Falcon Card could be used all over campus. Locations would include:

  • The Bookstore
  • All Dining Locations
  • Automations
  • Snack and Drink Vending
  • Laundry Machines
  • Library Services
  • Falcon Mail

This is an idea whose time has come!

 -Johna Mitchell