May 2015

What’s Your Next?

With graduation right around the corner, students are realizing that a new chapter of life is about to start. For some students graduation came quickly than they expected.

“I can’t believe I’m about to graduate, it came so quickly” stated senior ¬†Mass Communications major Shavona Hill. “I remember moving in freshman year,” exclaimed senior Criminal Justice major Jaleesa Roberts.

Now comes the question that was on T-Shirts students were issued their freshman year: What;’s Your Next? Many are still trying to figure that out.

“I don’t know what I’m doing after graduation yet, I have so many options,’ Roberts said. “I’m thinking about going to the militarily though” she said.

For seniors, figuring out the next step is not easy but some students have an idea of what they will be doing. Senior Jameka Johnson has as a job with the Boys and Girls club as a Youth Development Leader in Raleigh, North Carolina. Da’lon Scott a criminal justice major, found a job in his field that he will be starting after graduation. Da’lon will be working with the U.S Post Service in Largo, Maryland.

Skyler Wallen has a job in her field of study; she will be the assistant manager at The Property Owners Association of Old Fort Bay in Nassau Bahamas. ¬†Hayden Folger, doesn’t know exactly what he will be doing after graduation but he has an idea of what he will like to do. “I see myself making independent short films and submitting them to major film festivals. I hope to eventually make independent feature length films and show them in theatres”. He explained.

Although some students know what they will be doing after they graduate and others are undecided, students will always have memories of their time at Saint Augustine’s University.

“My number one experience would be receiving the top award for my department during honors convocation” stated Folger.

“My favorite memory about my years at Saint Augustine’s University was when I was a freshman, there was a barbecue by the plots” said Sherrie-Ann Ashman, who plans to go to cosmetology school and then graduate school after graduation.

“My favorite memory was when we won back to back CIAA cross country championships,” Wallen said. “The camaraderie amongst the men and women team was amazing.”

Although some students may have plans and others may just have ideas of what they want to do after graduation, one thing for sure, students are excited about graduation. ” I can’t wait to walk across the stage,” said senior Arielle McMillan. “I have been waiting on this moment for four years. I am ready for the next chapter of my life.”

–Clayshawn Moore