April 2015

Will the cafe ever get better?


I have been an on-campus student here at Saint Augustine’s University since 2011, so I have had the dubious pleasure of  being granted a meal plan to eat in the cafeteria three times a day every day for the past four years. No, my experience hasn’t been so great. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful but I must express my opinion on the cafeteria.

Overall, the food in the cafeteria is not the best. The food is good on some days; in fact it’s usually good on Fried Chicken Thursday or lunch on Friday, when they serve fish. But that’s only two days out of seven when it’s consistently good.

I just wish the cafeteria had the funds to expand the menu and to add better food. I’m not the only student who feels that way. Since I have been here, I have heard students complaining about the cafeteria food.

For instance, Arielle McMillan, a senior, majoring in sociology, said, “I just feel like the café could be better for the amount that the meal plan cost…When they put the sandwich line in the café, that gave the café another option. Students would like to see a restaurant or two such as Subway or Pizza Hut and a Starbucks in the near future.”

Avery Manigault, a freshman majoring in business administration, said, “I think the food isn’t worth the money that we pay to attend this university.”

I believe that if Saint Augustine’s University gave us the option to not have the meal plan added to our tuition, most – maybe all – students would not have the meal plan. If they’re going to force us to be on the meal plan, they could at least make the food better. If they expand the menu and spiced up the food a little more, we would enjoy it more.

 — Shavona Hill