September 2015

Know this: We’re all in this together!

Welcome back, Falcons! It’s the start of a new year and things are looking up for this brand new semester at Saint Augustine’s University. Whether it’s your first year on campus or your last, it’s hard not to get excited about the changes that already have been made and those in the works that should make our university’s future brighter.

As a student entering the final year of my undergraduate college career, I’ve watched the campus take steps toward regaining the ground it lost due to financial troubles. It is nice, for instance, to see construction finally being resumed on the football field, as well as the many renovations that are taking place or planned for buildings around campus.

In the past few years, in a way, I feel as though I’ve grown with the school, because I too have faced, and tried to overcome, many obstacles to pursuing my education. Indeed, one of the most positive developments in the past couple of years is a spreading a sense among students that we’re all in this together.

College can be a very intimidating place to freshmen. As an upperclassmen, I can understand that overwhelming feeling of stepping onto the campus of Saint Augustine’s University for the first time. But I think one of the great things about this year in particular is that you get the feeling, more than ever, that you’re sincerely not alone.

We’re all pursuing the same goal. That goal is to get the best education possible while helping make Saint Augustine’s University the best institution it can be. This year I feel that  opportunities are brighter than ever in both regards due to the many progressive steps Saint Augustine’s has taken to strength our academic goals.

One major step that has had a positive impact on the entire Falcon family is the arrival of President Dr. Everett B. Ward, who is playing a crucial role in improving Saint Augustine’s University. It seems as if things are slowly but surely getting back on track. Dr. Ward, along with many other new faculty and staff, inspire me in more ways than one beginning this new school semester with their dedication towards building a brighter future for the university.

I feel it’s easier for the incoming students – as the upperclassmen who have returned – to feel more of a sense of involvement in their education. With our voices being heard and with improvements and innovative ideas being implemented throughout campus, like the Learning Communities that is being started this year, there’s no doubt in my mind that we can work together to bring about changes that benefit each of us – and Saint Augustine’s University as a whole.

— Monica Pittman