October 2015

You may be tempted to stray, but be true to your school

The other day, students in the cafeteria were talking about which Homecoming they should attend – ours or N.C. Central University’s, which is on the same weekend.

It’s a shame that the Homecomings are being held at the same time because we will surely lose some students to NCCU’s Homecoming. That’s unfair because the Campus Activities Board at Saint Augustine’s University has worked so hard to put together a great week of events. With the interesting theme for this year, ” Seven Deadly Sins, SAU Style,” our Homecoming includes great events like the Gospel Explosion, Turn up with the Greeks, the coronation of Ms. and Mr. SAU, yard show, parties with special guests and more.

I spoke with Amber Hagin, junior majoring in public relations and a member of the campus board activities, and she told me: “We are working harder than ever to make this homecoming epic and successful this year.”

Meanwhile, North Carolina Central has been advertising their homecoming all over local radio, claiming that it will be the best homecoming around. Central does have a great lineup with different celebrities performing at the concert – the same night as SAU’s Predawn Halloween After Party.

On Monday, Deshaune Johnson, a senior majoring in sports management and her friends were talking about the two homecomings, trying to decide which one they should attend. Sherry Jones, a junior majoring in business administrative, said she would attend NCCU’s Homecoming.  “St. Aug Homecoming hasn’t been that much fun since I’ve been here – that’s why I’m going to NCCU homecoming concert. I want to see Rich Homie Quan perform.”

I can’t say what’s fun for everyone, but I think this year’s Homecoming weekend has a lot of fun in store for students. In my opinion, SAU students should stay right at home this weekend.

Central’s Homecoming doesn’t seem to have a lot more than ours. They are also having a predawn party, a Greek step show and a big after party.

You probably won’t see a lot of NCCU students being disloyal to their school. I spoke with Desmond Cooper, a sophomore majoring in psychology at North Carolina Central University, and he had no intentions of coming over here.  “Our homecoming is supposed to be very big this year and I’m just waiting to see what they have in store for us,” he said.

I know it’s not always possible to have Homecomings on different weekends because a lot of things go into deciding when the events will be held. But, maybe in the future, the three HBCUs in this area can try to work things out so that students don’t have to be pulled two or three ways.

Stephon Gumbs, junior majoring in exercise science who is also vice president of the Campus Activities Board, said the conflict should not really hurt SAU. “The only major concern was the two concerts being held on the same day, but NCCU concert is on Saturday and ours is on Friday,” he said.

But I urge students to be loyal to their school. The CAB and staff and faculty at SAU have done everything possible this year so that this Homecoming can be fun and students can stay and have a good time.

We should see things the way LaQuasia Jackson, a senior majoring in public relations, does. She told me, “Saint Augustine homecoming is what you make it. If you want to have fun, then you will have a good time.”