October 2015

Staff Spotlight

Natasha F. Kent began at Saint Augustine’s University as a temporary worker – that was six years ago. The Wilson, N.C., native has made Saint Augustine’s her home. Today, she is administrative assistant for enrollment management & student services.

“I came here just as a place to work until I found something better, and I just stayed,” Ms. Kent explained. “I love the kids. I have four of my own, but I guess you could say I have 850 kids.”

Officially, Ms. Kent supports the administration in a variety of functions relating to student life, including student activities, testing, housing and judicial affairs. Unofficially, she plays a more important role.

“To some of us, she like our mother here on campus,” said Atai Price, a senior sociology major. “She is a listening ear that most of us need.”

From her office on the second floor of the Hunter Building, Ms. Kent has a lot of interaction with students and says that is a big part of what she likes about her job. “I love that the kids trust me and come to me when they need anything whether big or small and even if it’s not in my work area,” she said.

Ms. Kent got her associates degree from Barton College in Wilson in 2001, so she is not far herself from the college experience. In fact, she is completing her work for her bachelor’s degree at Barton so she really has never left college.

Some students say Ms. Kent relates to them. “I can appreciate someone on campus that sees the student point of view and really wants to help,” said Alex Louden, a senior sports management major.

Her advice to students is to continue to “strive and never give up, dream big and reach for bigger.” And she is there to help.

“Working in education,” Ms. Kent said, “students should come first and they should be the main priority as we help them grow and become leaders of the world.”

 — By Johna Mitchell