October 2015

Students start drive to revive tennis on campus

Two freshman are hoping top hear sounds that haven’t been heard around campus for awhile – the “whack” of tennis rackets. The effort is being led by two freshman – Aaliyah Torbert, a criminal justice major from Goldsboro, NC and Markyl Wilson, a biology major from Charlotte, NC. The girls both attended the Mellon Summer Bridge program and realized the old tennis courts had been removed. They both played the sport consistently through high school and both have love for the sport and they decided that the school should have a tennis team.

“We want to get more girls active, get more people engaged and teach people how to play the sport of tennis,” Wilson explained.

The pair contacted university officials, including President Everett B. Ward and got their blessing to move forward. “We have been in touch with people from the National Tennis Association of America on guidelines and funding,” Wilson explained. “The association said we must have 15 members on the team before we can be considered by sponsorships.”

The students are starting out with limited ambitions, aiming for an intramural sports club rather than an interscholastic sport. Once they get 15 members they will be able to get support sponsor support for equipment rather than having to buy all equipment out of pocket.

The girls have only had two meetings so far but they have time. “We will have more meetings and look to be in full swing come spring,” Wilson said.

In the meantime. Wilson said, “We will keep practicing to get better and encourage anybody to join the new tennis club.”

— Charles Gilchrist