November 2015

For many students December marks graduation

For many students, December means the end of the semester but for others, it’s the end of their college experience. According to the Registrar’s office, 43 students are scheduled to finish college at the end of this semester.
There will not be a graduation ceremony held until May 2016, therefore students who finish in December will have to return in the spring in order to participate.
Some are finishing college in less than four years and others are finishing in December because they are taking more than four years to graduate.
Jakeina Sutton, a mass communications major with a concentration in and broadcast journalism, is one of those finishing early. “I worked extremely hard to finish school in three and a half years,” Sutton said. “I want to make my family and myself proud.”
 For some who  graduating late, leaving in December does not reduce their happiness. In fact, Tiffany Moses thinks it might give her and advantage over other graduates. “I think it will be easier to get a job because we are not competing with May graduates,” Moses said.” I think there are more jobs available because of the season, too.”
For Johna Mitchell, a mass communications major, the most important thing is that she graduates.
“By the grace of God I will be graduating,” Mitchell said. “I am so blessed to lock in a job or career. Graduate school is not a goal for me, making a name for myself and being a provider is.”
Whatever goals December graduates have, their time is right around the corner and many are ready for that move forward.
— Cianna Fisher