International to Raleigh, North Carolina

Bramwell Sisters We all dream of attending college or going separate ways to accomplish dreams. Meet three young and brave triplets from Kingston, Jamaica to peruse an education from Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Coming from Jamaica to North Carolina is a lot of miles traveled so imagined the mixed emotions of having to leave everything behind while going to peruse an education that can better your life. Colliet, Colleen, and Cadine Bramwell are prime examples of what international student is being like. All pursing a different major they all have a common goal; which to graduate and further their education. Coming from Jamaica to st-aug;  Cadine feels as if the school should have more international support for international students.  Collene is extremely thankful for coming to st-aug to get and education because there are more opportunities as far as resources, internships, job opportunities, as for in Jamaica it is very limited. Colliet misses her family but understands that this was a sacrifice that had to be made; and people in Jamaica wish they had a chance.

St-Aug has impacted them tremendously as far as network connections, internships, friends, one on one teacher – student learning and development and support systems. All three ladies has done great things while attending st-aug from serveing to different boards to doing different internships. One advice they have for international students is to apply for scholarships and work study. Being away from home has taught them how to be independent  and accountable.