November 2015

Last Lyceum of the semester, one of the most memorable

A Falcon who has found success in the clothing business was the guest speaker at the Lyceum event on Thursday Nov. 19. Ricky Moore Jr., owner and operator of the clothing line Nyla Elise, advised students to follow their dreams.

“A dream never dies,” Mr. Moore said. “It may reside in the back of your soul but it still lives until you decide to follow it.”

The monthly event was held at Emery Gymnasium. President Everett B. Ward was unable to attend therefore Ms. Shelly Willingham-Hinton, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Communications Officer, presided. After a selection from the University Choir, Mr. Moore took to the stage.

Moore told the audience that his ambition and passion are what drove him and made his brand what it is today. But he attributed a lot of his success to his start here on Saint Augustine’s University campus. “A big piece of me grew up right here on this campus,” he said after the event. “I hope the students got a lot out of what I said today. And I hope that they take not one thing but two or three things away from this Lyceum and incorporate them into their lives and their journey.”

He said he was more than pleased to be back on this campus to tell his story to students and to let them know that they all have the potential to be successful. Mr. Moore furthered his goal of impacting students by distributing a few of his shirts among the students and even giving away a Lenovo laptop to Mylene Cannon, a junior sport management major.

— Cianna Fisher