November 2015

Time to get our second wind

A student walks across a rainy campus on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The weather was like the mood on campus as students, staff and faculty try to find renewed energy after Homecoming.

It’s a rainy Tuesday morning on the campus of Saint Augustine’s University, and students are trickling into an 8 a.m. class. They slowly file into the room with expressions that indicate they are not anticipating a fun day.

It’s hard to believe it’s the same campus that, a week ago, was alive and overflowing with people who came from far and near to help the university celebrate Homecoming.

With homecoming over, we are officially in the second half of the fall semester. For many students, that means trying to find the energy to get back to work.

“Now that the fun is over, I have to refocus myself to ensure that I finish strong in these last few weeks of school,” said Kasey King, a junior.

Faculty is there to support students, though their patience may be limited. Kimberly Dunn, director of the University Choir, who taught the 8 a.m. class did not think that the early hour of the class was any excuse. “With finals only four weeks away you would think that the classroom would be packed today, Ms. Dunn stated.

But students can’t be blamed for being a little tired. Homecoming was filled with a week’s worth of activities for students to enjoy. Along with the celebration of Homecoming the University also held services and ceremonies for the installation of the newly elected president, Dr. Everett B. Ward.

Many staff members would agree that the last week was very busy not only for the students but for most connected to the university. “We all had to do our fair share in making sure that homecoming was a success,” said Jim Cookman, a custodial staff member. “But now that its over students have got to found that second wind to finish off this semester.”

Most students say they understand that the fun is over but some are having trouble getting it together. Logan Miller, a senior, admitted that he has been slow to start the second half.

“I know I should have gone to class today but, to be honest, I’m just burned out — not just from Homecoming but from school itself,” Miller said. “I’ve been going hard all semester and now I’m just waiting for that extra energy to kick in.”

— Devin Paylor