December 2015

From Kingston, Jamaica to Raleigh, North Carolina

Being in college and away from home and family can be difficult for some students, especially those who come from other countries. But few have the kind of support that the Bramwell sisters have. Cadine, Colliet, Colleen, Bramwell are triplets and have had one another to rely on to get through their four years at Saint Augustine’s University.

The seniors from Kingston, Jamaica, major in history, biology, and political science respectively. Coming to a foreign country can be difficult, they said. “International students would love for the school to have more international support for international students, and to help them transition into their new environment,” Cadine said. “It’s not easy to just leave your family and friends from home one day wondering when you might see them again.”

It was comforting to have each other’s’ company eating in the cafeteria and during other college activities, but the biggest benefit of being triplets came during holidays, the sisters said. Traveling back and forth to go back to their homeland is very expensive, so often for holidays they stayed with family friends or visit relatives in different states.

The three women are happy they made it through their education. “I am extremely thankful for coming to St-Aug to get an education because there are more opportunities as far as resources, internships, job opportunities,” Collene said. “In Jamaica, it is very limited.”

Colliet added: “I miss my family but they understand that this was a sacrifice that had to be made; and people in Jamaica wish they had this opportunity.”

They have made a lot of friends and connections and have learned a lot, and they also have been active on campus, serving on various boards. The sisters said being away from home has taught them how to be independent and accountable. For a while the Bramwell sister have been mixed up, confused and of course because of their all begins with C’s. I mean who can get the sisters name right if they all look like identical triplets. I guess you will have to hang around them long enough to tell the difference.

With their last semester quickly approaching, the Bramwell sister trio will soon go their separate ways. Colleen would like to attend medical school at John Hopkins University in Maryland, Colliet will further her education at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, and Cadine is attending is Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“The separation will be hard but we just have to adjust to it,” Cadine said. “It’s for the better. We can still call, text, and facetime all the time.”

— Jakeina Sutton

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