March 2016, News & Features

Today is double-vote day in contest to get funds to turn Baker into student center

Today is “double vote day” in the competition to win funds from Home Depot for school projects. Saint Augustine’s University is competing with other historically black colleges and universities to win a $50,000 campus improvement grant as part of The Home Depot’s Retool Your School program.

The funds would be used to renovate Baker dormitory, the women’s dormitory that was closed in Spring 2014. Plans call for the building to be brought back to life as a student center, according to university officials.

The center will be housed on the first floor of the old dormitory and will include four rooms. Along with areas for students to interact with one another and watch television, the center will have equipment for playing cards, billiards, and Ping-Pong.

The new student center is expected date to open in late spring, however administrators have cautioned that  structural problems that contributed to the dormitory’s closing could delay its opening.

Votes placed through online and social media will count for double. Double Vote Day will end at 11:59 p.m.

To spread the word on social media, use the following hashtag  #SAU_RYS16

Click here to vote.