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How effective is the Spring Fling to retaining students?

By Adonica Stewart

Students first noticed last year when Spring Fling did not have the usual party in Emery Gymnasium: The annual event, which is designed to show students a good time, isn’t what it used to be. The event has been cut down so much that many wonder how effective it is at achieving its goals: motivating current students to remain at the school and attracting new ones.

“Spring Fling used to be a weeklong,” said XXXXX—you have to persuade this student to give his/hre name or talk to another student; ”There was always something to do every day during the week of open house and spring fling. Now we only have one day of food, games, and entertainment? That’s ridiculous.”

Every year Saint Augustine’s University host their annual Spring Open House and Spring Fling on the same day. Spring Fling is meant for prospective students and transfer students who come to visit the university and learn about the different programs, meet faculty, staff, and current students.

How much cutbacks in Spring Fling activities are contributing to decline in enrollment is unclear. A lot of other factors, particularly greater difficulty on getting financial aid, have resulted in Saint Augustine’s failing to attract new students. But many current students say it is a factor in low retention ragtes.

Students who enrolled in 2011, the current graduating class, feel that Spring Fling was a lot more interesting their freshman and sophomore year. Some students said students have started going to other b]nearby universities for entertainment, and that results in higher transfer rates.

“I’m just ready to graduate at this point,” XXXXX—you have to persuade this student to give his/hre name or talk to another student; “This school does not know how to have fun like other universities. We rarely have gym parties and now Spring Fling is not what it used to be.”

Spring Fling usually consists of inflatables, grilled food, music, games, and live entertainment. It used to include a gym party and what else??? And used to last longer.

 Why were activities cut back???

Henry Capers, president of the Student Government Association at Saint Augustine’s University, said the SGA is doing everything it can  “to make sure my fellow classmates have the best college experience possible.” But??? Have they asked for more acitivites for spring fling?

“SGA works as a whole for the student body,” Capers added. “We are the voice for our fellow students. We work hard with administration to create a good experience. As far as perspective students, it is also important that we grab their attention, so that we can achieve a higher enrollment each year.”