April 2016, Uncategorized

Who has our back

By Kendall Morrison

The cancellation of a party this past weekend that was supposed to be part of Spring Fling has frustrated students and caused some to ask whether student leaders are working hard enough to make campus entertainment events successful.

The Campus Activities Board and the Sophomore Council were planning to host the party in Emery Gymnasium on Saturday, April 9. The party was cancelled because of lack of interest but many wonder if the event was conceived properly in the first place.

“Often there are events on campus that don’t draw in many students,” said freshman Breanna Graham. “I feel that SGA should survey and find out what students would find to be fun.”

The lack of interest was probably due to the party being open only to SAU students, said Lauren Bowman a freshman “Why would we pay to attend a party that only students here can attend?”

Even when events are attractive to a lot of students, they sometimes are rejected by the administration. A common reason for that, said Jermane Goods, a member of the CABs, is that administration loses paperwork.

“SGA does all that they can do to host events but once it’s denied it isn’t much that they can do,” stated Christian Roberson, a senior and Miss Per Alumni But Jaelen Daniels, a sophomore, feels that there is more that SGA could do to to fight for the student body. He pointed out that when SAU modeling troupe was told that they weren’t able to host their event they fought and stood behind their organization and succeeded in having their annual show.

The lack of events is hurting efforts to increase enrollment, said junior Carisma Graham. “How do we expect to appeal to students younger than us if we are not enjoying our experience?,” she said “The CAB should focus on finding out what event the student body would like to attend and find enjoyable, and the SGA should make sure that the event is approved or, if denied, give the students a reason why.”