April 2016, Opinion

You are the key to your own retention

After sitting out a semester in college – working in my hometown for six long, painful months – I realized that more time off would only make my journey to success harder. Because of hardships at my previous school, I decided to transfer to Saint Augustine’s University.

I knew I wanted to be active in the SAU community, but I did not rush into anything when I arrived. Instead, I looked around campus to get a feel for the culture. I asked my new classmates about clubs and other organizations I could join. I was just watching, waiting, and taking in everything.

All that helped me decide who I wanted to be on campus. Only three weeks into my second semester here, I was appointed financial advisor for the Sophomore Council.

I have found my niche – in the same activities I found rewarding in at my previous college, where I had served as Freshman Vice President, as well as Cheer/Dance Senator. I also participated in literary magazine, cheer, and spoken word poetry. Here at SAU, I actually had one of my first poetry slams. I knew student government was something I was good at, so I had confidence I would do a good job at my new school.

I started school ambitious, and I am going to finish school ambitious. That is the kind of spirit incoming college freshman need to have in order to stay in school. School is always what you make it, no matter where you go.

It does not matter where you go to college; if you don’t get involved you will get less out of it.

I think many freshmen may need a wakeup call. If they want to get through college, they really need to participate in all that SAU has to offer – which is a lot!

Students control the way their education goes; it is their job to apply themselves. So it’s good that you’re here — get out and get excited so you can stay here.

—  Kailynn E. Savage