May 2016, News & Features

Student orientation will be held in May

St. Augustine’s University will be holding the SOAR 2016 in May. The annual event, which is mandatory for all new students, transfers, and re-admits planning to enroll in the upcoming fall semester, helps get students familiar with the campus.

During SOARs students will complete all admission requirements and also complete their health clearance. They will also review their financial package with their assigned advisor and receive an estimated amount of how much the fall semester will cost them.

Students will receive information about campus Life, student activities, student emails, and registrar policies. They will also take various placement test and assessments and register for fall semester classes.

New student will be able to tryout and audition for various RSOs such as cheerleading, band, and choir. Those interested must have acceptance letter and a physical to participate in auditions and tryouts.

New students will be allowed to secure room assignments for the fall semester as well as choosing who they would like to be there roommates to be. Housing deposits must be paid as well as student being completely cleared.

Students will also be able to finalize their bill and make sure that outstanding debt is no more than $200. If not, parents can sign up for a deferment plan allowing them to make payments each month towards their bill.

Students will also be able to speak with their financial advisor to determine what grants and scholarships they qualify for.

SOARS is a great event held by St. Augustine’s University to ensure each first year student get a briefing of the campus and of campus life. Students can choose from the following dates May 7, May 20, May 23.

New students must register online for the SOAR date most convenient to them and their family. Their $100 enrollment deposit must also be paid by or before the SOAR date selected to attend. You can also contact the office of First Year Experience at (919)516-4323 or by email at

— Kendall Morrison