May 2016, News & Features

Tips for preparing for finals

Some students are looking forward to graduation, while other students are ready to get out for the summer. But before they can do either, they have to take finals.

Students are preparing in a variety of ways. Brittany Peay, junior majoring in journalism and mass communications, has been trying to make sure nothing stops her from advancing to senior year.

“I have been on the ball all semester,” Peay said. “I stay off campus, but I have been staying on campus a little later just to complete my assignments in the library. I am preparing myself by taking notes and highlighting areas in my book that will be on the final exam. As my junior year is coming to an end, I couldn’t be more excited to be entering into my last year of undergrad.”

Final Examinations are scheduled for Monday, May 9, through Thursday, May 12. Some professors already have started giving final assignments early, especially if the finals are projects, since seniors must have their final grades submitted by May 3.

Students are spending long nights in the library, which began last month operating under extended hours. The library will stay open until midnight from Sunday, May 8 to Wednesday, May 11.

According to faculty, students and advice available on YouTube tutorials, here are some tips on preparing for finals:

*Take the time to work on study guides that are provided and go over any notes that you may have from the semester.

* Make sure you have a balanced meal each day so that the brain can function properly. Since majority of students stay on campus, there are many healthy options within the cafeteria and library. Earlier this semester, the university opened café in the library that serves many healthy snacks, including coffee, juice, water, sandwiches, chips, and salads. In addition to the library café, the original café serves a variety of food choices and has a section for a salad bar.

* Do not try to cram information at the last minute. Since exams do not start until May 9th, students should go ahead and review course material each night up until finals start. This will give students a head start and allow them to become familiar with all the information.  A lot of students become overwhelmed when they study for long hours the night before the exam and end up not doing as good as he or she would if they studied a head of time.

Many seniors like Benita Mountain are going to make sure they clear the last hurdle before graduation. “I am very excited to be done with undergrad,” Mountain said. “I’ve been waiting on this day since I first started college and now it’s finally here. I will say that the college experience was well worth it and I had a good time while it lasted. Now it’s time for reality.”

NOTE: The video below contains tips for finals

 –Adonica Stewart