November 2016

Football season ends on sad note but fans still proud

The Saint Augustine’s University men’s football team ended its season on a disappointing note, losing to Shaw University on Saturday, Nov. 5, at George Williams Athletic Complex. This was Saint Augustine University’s last home game for the 2016-2017 academic school year and the game against SAU’s archrival was renamed the Raleigh Classic.

But sadly for Falcons’ fans, Saint Augustine’s fell just a few points short of winning the trophy, losing to the Bears by a score of 35-32. Both the Bears and Falcons ended their season at 1-4 in the Southern Division, 2-5 in the CIAA, and 2-8 overall. For the Falcons, that is a slight improvement over last season when they managed only one win. However last year the Falcons won the match with their crosstown rivals.

But the last game did not ruin the entire season for many Saint Augustine’s students.

“This was my first time ever coming to a game and honestly I’m glad I came,” said Antiqua Higdon, a sophomore business administration major. “Even though we lost the game, I witnessed was a good one.”

Jasmine Moore, a sophomore criminal justice major, said, “The team could have worked a little harder if they would just communicate among themselves, but overall I’m a proud Falcon and will continue to support my university and student body.”

Amber Hagin, a senior majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, who will graduate in December, said she is “tremendously proud of my Falcons.” Hagin added: “This has been a long season and I have attended every game thus far and will miss Saint Augustine University so much.”

 — Jarrod Sibert