News & Features, October 2016

Homecoming Recap!!!

The theme of this 2016 Homecoming was the “Blue and White Experience” – hashtag BWE. The week always has something a little different and, in 2016, it was a comedy show, which took place Saturday Oct. 15, 2015 as part of “pre-BWE” activities. The show featured comedians A Train and Vince Taylor.

But the official kick-off of Homecoming is always the Gospel Explosion, which took place on Sunday, Oct. 16.  Many Students, alumni, faculty, and families gathered in the Seby Jones Fine Arts Building to fellowship with one another, and to participate in the traditional worship experience. The event featured the SAU Gospel Choir, Band of Brothers, Dance Daughters of SAU, remarks by Chaplain Major Ruth Naomi Segres and Mother Nita Byrd, the Polk Duo, Wake Chapel Church and others.

Many said the Gospel Explosion was an inspiring, wonderful event.

“What an awesome choir SAU choir,” said Lele Dantzler, a Durham resident who attended the event to see her granddaughter perform. “The Band of Brothers was out of sight – knocked my socks off.”

The events have continued throughout the week. On Monday night there was a “World Music Night” party; on Tuesday night, there was a “Turn up with the Greeks” outing; Wednesday afternoon, there was a Fashion Show that was well attended.

The reviews coming in so far have been mixed. Many were disappointed when the “World Music Night” party ended earlier than planned due to altercations among attendees. And Saint Augustine’s Homecoming always suffers in comparison to bigger schools, which can afford to bring in more popular entertainers.

But Benjamin Raymond, a freshman criminal justice major and a member of the university’s Campus Activity Board, had a different perspective. “Your Homecoming is what you make it,” Raymond said. He added that some events have not been very well attended.

“If you do not come to the events, then how do you expect to have fun?” he added.

The action turned up on the weekend with such activities as a stepshow, concert. Party and Homecoming Reunion Cabaret. Of course, the main event was the football game on Saturday at the George Williams Athletic Complex, which unfortunately for Falcon fans, Saint Augustine’s lost to Fayetteville State University.

This year’s Blue and White Experience was said to be one of the best. Not only were the events a success, but the day after Homecoming ended, SAU had a visit from Hilary Clinton, the democratic candidate for Presidency.  There were also congressmen, and the mothers of the movement. This ended Homecoming on an awesome note. A lot of students, community leaders, as well as the general community came out to support the Hilary Clinton Campaign.

— Porsha Cox