November 2016

SAU gathers for a feast

Final exams will soon be upon us, but Saint Augustine’s University took a break on Tuesday, Nov. 15, for what many on campus consider to be one of the best events of the year. Students, faculty and staff gathered upstairs in the Martin Luther King Jr. Building, for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Every year, before the Thanksgiving break, Saint Augustine’s University hosts a big feast for all of SAU family to come out and enjoy the good food, and great fellowship. The annual dinner is not only a time of fellowship and good food, but is also a time where members of the administration serve the student body in a gesture aimed at showing students appreciation, care, and gratitude. 
For many students, it was a chance to forget about the stress and everyday worries of being a college student. “The dinner was wonderful,” said Aisha Mathis, a senior, psychology major. “It brought all of the SAU family together as one. It was also good to see the different staff and administration serving the students outside of their normal job setting.”
Mariska Whitaker, a sophomore theater major, added, “The Thanksgiving dinner was outstanding, and the fellowship was an overall great time. I had a great time laughing and joking with friends.”
As the Thanksgiving break quickly approaches, and students prepare to travel home to families and friends, the dinner also served as a reminder to express gratitude to loved ones back home, and to remember to give back to those who may not be in the position to support their family during this time of the year.
— Porsha Cox