November 2016, Opinion

Yes it’s a crazy election, but get out and vote!

With Election Day coming up in just a few days, many students at Saint Augustine’s University are still questioning whether it’s worth the trouble to register to vote, march to the polls and cast a ballot in the presidential race.

I must admit that this has been the most unusual presidential election.  I mean, who what have thought Republican Donald Trump would be running against Democrat Hillary Clinton for President of The United States?  You can’t blame anyone who thinks that this election cycle has been a waste of time and mockery.  

With only six days left in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are working intensely to turn out voters. It’s not easy, but the efforts of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hit closer to home for the Saint Augustine’s University Community.

Secretary Clinton spoke to a crowd gathered at St. Augustine’s University on Sunday, Oct. 22. More than 3,500 attended the event, according to the News & Observer, and thre crowd receive d her enthusiastically, punctuating her speech with chants of “Hill-a-ry! Hill-a-ry! Hill-a-ry!”

She then followed some students to a rally in Chavis Center Park, an early voting site.

Students were impressed by the attention.

“Hearing Hillary Clinton speak at my alma mater, Saint Augustine’s University, was definitely history in the making,” said Leslie A. Souvenance, and alumna. “I was pleased to see the number of students that were there to witness her speak. It was a great way to end homecoming.”

According to the News and Observer, North Carolina is a toss-up state in this year’s presidential race, and the campaigns for Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump have doubled down on getting out the vote, holding more than a dozen events in the past week. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions also was in North Carolina on Sunday, stumping for Trump at the N.C. State Fair in Raleigh and in Greensboro, the newspaper reported.

As a recent a recent graduate of Saint Augustine’s University, I was beyond proud to see many students walk to the front of the campus to hear Hillary Clinton speak. I am glad that my daughter was able to witness such great history.
Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. If you are 18 and older, early voting ends Nov. 5. If you would like to know where your nearest polling place is, search “where to vote” on Google and you will be pointed to your nearest polling place, thanks to an enhanced search feature from the search engine.

Whoever you support, it is very important that you all should go out and VOTE!

— Laquasia Jackson