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Student Center is finally open

Saint Augustine University finally has a new and exciting hangout spot on campus – the Student Center has opened upstairs at the MLK building.

It was officially launched with a ribbon cutting on Nov. 18 presided over by Dr. Gaddis Faulcon, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs. The center, funded in part by a grant from the Albert and Bessie Warner Foundation, includes a variety of games and attractions.

The billiards table seems to be one of the most popular attractions. Students enjoy trying trick shots and talking junk to each other. “Play me in 8- ball on the phone then since, bet, you won’t beat me then,” said Stephon Gumbs a junior at Saint Augustine University, as he challenged a friend.

Another major attraction at the center is the Xbox. Students can play various games — from 2K, to Madden to Mortal Kombat.

Hearing all the students talk junk to each other over a video game is the kind of experience that helps to create a more enjoyable atmosphere, some said. “Memories that you love and cherish are the reason you want to return to your alma mater — like, wow, I was here when this was started or created,” said Ja’Quan Phillips, a junior.

The center also offers foosball, karaoke, chess and television. “This is just place for people to showcase their talent, whether it be singing or rapping,” said Christopher Mitchell a junior at St. Aug.

Planning for the center began in the last school year, and university officials said in September the center would open that month but setbacks delayed the opening another couple of months. When the ribbon was cut on Nov. 18, students streamed in.

— Anthony Dixon