March 2017, News & Features

SAU wi-fi to get “major upgrade”

At a press conference held today, Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) was joined by IT leader Cisco Meraki to announce a major upgrade to the university’s wireless network.

The equipment upgrade will position the Raleigh-based university for expansive growth, lead to the increase of online course programs, and enhance multimedia classrooms. The upgrade will also equip the university to significantly increase Internet speeds, allowing students, faculty and staff the opportunity to support multiple devices without experiencing any degradation in bandwidth rate.

The network upgrade that Cisco Meraki has projected will offer the university state-of-the-art hardware and software. The university will be positioned with an IT framework that far exceeds other universities five times its size.

President Everett Ward thanked The Episcopal Church for their ongoing support for providing IT and financial consulting for this project. “We have never had a better relationship with The Episcopal Church than right now. I am very thankful for this blessing for our next generation of scholars.”