March 2017

Freshman has one book out and another on the way

For many students, writing a paper is a major task, but for Tyler Parker, that’s a warm-up. The political science major from Raleigh has already written a book and is working on a second one.

Still a freshman, Parker wrote “Rewritten,” which was self-published last year. Parker, who has a double minor in pre-law and religious studies, said his writing is rooted in his strong faith.

“What made me decide to be an author was God,” he said. “I have been writing since I was about 5 years old and I decided to trust Him for the direction of the first book. My first book was designed to be a poetic account for my journey with God from 2007 until 2016.”

Parker hosted a discussion on his book last semester at the Prezell Robinson Library. The forum was well attended and he was able to sell a number of books.

“It was such a tremendous experience,” he said. “I was able to learn and grow from that – it was my first time ever speaking about something that I had created.”

Book sales have died down because he hasn’t been promoting it because he is concentrated on his next project, Parker said.

Parker said his next book is about “how we internalize ideas and the inner and outer spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.” He expects to publish he second book this month.

On campus, Parker is active in the Christian Fellowship Organization. He also is involved in political activities. For example, in October he helped host a forum for local political candidates held in the MLK Building.

He acknowledges that writing books and also keeping up with school work and activities are challenging, but said writing is also a great joy for him.

“Writing it is an outlet for me like no other,” Parker said. “When I’m writing, the only one who can disrupt my train of thought is myself. Writing is like holding a very long uninterrupted conversation with God for me.”

Parker said he loves the faculty and staff at St. Augustine University. “They have all treated me with respect and support for my dreams and ambitions,” he said. “I have grown so much from their wisdom.”

Parker’s career plans are open – law school, business school, divinity school and even a Ph.D are all possibilities. Ultimately, Parker wants to open his own school.

“I want to change the way we view education and help kids be introduced to the possibility of living a life full of love and education to understand themselves and the world around them,” Parker said.

But Parker has no doubt that he will continue to write. In fact, he expects to take it to another level one day.

“I have very high hopes for my works of literature,” he said. “Writing is a craft and you have to continue working it until it’s perfected. …One day, I actually pray that I win a Nobel Peace Prize.”

But he is allowing for anything to happen. “God knows the plans for my life and has already given me the victory over every situation and supplied me with everything I need within His will,” Parker added.

 — Sterling Raynor