April 2017, News & Features

Following up on Falcons

Saint Augustine University approaching the end of the spring semester and the university is in the process of taking steps to improve the campus before the commencement ceremony, which will be held May 13th 2017 at a.m. Some changes that have already been made in the past year include a café in the east wing of the library, a new menu in the cafeteria, the new row of computers located in the middle of the library, and the paving of the parking lots by the MLK and Selby Jones buildings, and the new student center on the second floor of the MLK Building.

Students are happy with the changes. “I like what the school is doing with the new healthier menu they are trying to offer us,” said Shelby Jones, a junior from Greensboro NC. “It’s not the best but it is a step in the right direction I love what my HBCU is doing.” Students are also grateful that the new Student Grill is now back open and they are able to get alternative meals for a small purchase fee.

The university took notice of its growing number of early college students that are consistently in and out of the library and so they established a café where students can have a light snack and drink away from the study and reading area allowing them to be refreshed and ready to learn more as the day goes by. The university also took it a step further by upgrading their printers in the library by adding new ones for the first and second floor.

Sherwin Williams, a freshman, said, “I’m sure glad they fixed those printers! Man, I’ve been trying to do my work for two days,” he said, laughing, “But, nah, on the real the library is doing good. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know how I would pass my classes.”

Some of the changes did not come without a cost. The middle section on the university’s campus was closed for three days due to the restoration of the parking lots and road repaving, leaving student body and faculty members to park in outskirt locations around the campus.

“It was a long overdue restoration that needed to be done,” said Clark Benahall, a junior.