April 2017, Sports

Kyrie Herbert taking the lead

It is 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and coach Williams is gathered with 20 of his athletes at the George Williams complex at the Saint Augustine university. Kyrie Herbert, who is pursuing a career in track and field, Leads the stretches to all of the athletes on the field. The Thursday gatherings offer the athletes the opportunity to perform before a track meet and learn from one another’s successes – and mistakes. Herbert, an accomplished student athlete by any standard, is most passionate about running. He is very much at the top of his class, leading the athletes in the quarter mile. His persona is part one quiet and part two also funny to be around as well.

Herbert’s stretching techniques, some of which may appear unorthodox, seem to be quite effective. One athlete is instructed to stoop over backwards in a “limbo” position and lean against the Floor while counting to fifteen in order to open up his airway. Another alternates in calling the numbers while the group counts out loud. Herbert is continually observing making sure everyone in the group is being active.

Although Herbert is a junior at the university he is trying to make a noticeable impact on every he comes into contact with leaving a memorable lasting impression on them. “the main reason I started running was because I wanted to make the Carifta track and field team back I 2009 since then I have fallen in love with the sport and its competitive nature” said Kyrie after being asked what motivates him to train and help others every day.