April 2017, Opinion

A senior’s journey comes to an end

The conclusion of the 2017 spring semester is drawing near and there’s nothing more thrilling than knowing that the next chapter of your life is about to begin. As a graduating senior, the reflection on the past years that I’ve attended Saint Augustine’s University is filled with setbacks as well as victories. The experiences that I’ve had while walking the campus each day has prepared me for the world that awaits after I receive my college degree and I’m ecstatic. From the moment that I began my freshman year, the feeling of walking across the stage as a college graduate played over and over clearly in my mind. That thought kept me motivated and it allowed me to focus on the most important things towards achieving my dream of becoming a reporter. The professors and fellow students that I’ve learned and grown with throughout the years have all shaped me in one way or another when it comes to broadening my thinking and knowledge.

Although I’ve had setbacks, there isn’t anything that I would change when it comes to my college experience because I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I live by the motto that every setback is a set up for a break through and that holds true to college students across the country including myself. I truly believe that courses that I have taken at Saint Augustine’s have prepared me for a potential career in the field of journalism. My writing skills and dedication led my professors in the Media and Communications Department to appoint me as Editorial Editor and that fueled me in terms of believing in my own talent.

While I pursue journalism related careers and opportunities, I also plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Relations which has always been another passion of mine. I chose to attend Saint Augustine’s University due to the historical background that the school held with deep roots within the African American community. From the moment that I was old enough to know what a college was, I’ve always believed that I’d attend an HBCU and my acceptance into Saint Augustine’s University was a goal within itself. As I approach the status of becoming an alum, I’ll always feel the same pride and love in my heart for my HBCU that I felt on my very first day as a freshman.



— Monica Pittman