April 2017, January 2017

Spring registration better than fall

Saint Augustine’s University’s spring semester registration went more smoothly than fall registration after administrators put into place changes to improve the process.

Shawnee Brooks, a freshman, was among those who found the experience much more pleasant this semester.

“Registration was very difficult for me last semester – it took me a week to get fully registered and squared away.,” Brooks said. “Going back and forth between buildings was extremely tiring. But registration this semester was a lot easier, much quicker. It was sort of a breeze.”

“Yeah, it was a lot easier,” agreed Mike Massey, a junior.

The process did not go smoothly for everyone, and there were still complaints.

“Registration was still as stressful as last semester, if not a little more,” said Reign Storm with a laugh, “Maybe it’s because my parents did all the work last semester.”

But, in contrast to the widespread complaints in August of 2016, many students interviewed by The Falcon Forum praised the way registration was handled in January 2017.

The improvements came despite the fact that the beginning of the semester was hampered by snowy, icy weather that closed the university on Monday, Jan. 9, and part of Tuesday, Jan. 10. Registration began Jan. 11 on the second floor of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Building, the same day as the first day of classes. Classes began as scheduled, along with registration.

Updates about registriation were sent out to students, faculty and staff via email addresses and social media.  When registration finally began, students found a system in which the process  was organized in alphabetical order.

Unlike last semester when a large number of students were still unregistered when the registration period was supposed to end, a majority of SAU students were able to register before the process ended Jan. 17, administrators said.

Another change this semester was that students with account balances of $500 or less were “Expressed Business Office Approved” allowing some students to register much more quickly because they did not need to visit every station.

Martarash Torain, the university registrar, was happy with the process. “Registration did go much better than last semester,” Torain said. “Scheduling the students by last name with assigned times helped.”

“I think that registration improved tremendously,” Sherina Alexander, a specialist in the university’s Business and Finance Department, agreed. “Students were able to have express clearance. The process was very good for the first time trying something new. It was convenient because overall wait times were shorter.”

Torain acknowledged the process could further be improved and she said university administrators are working to put it completely online. “That is something to look forward to,” she said.

— By Jazmin Powell and Neffetari Edmond