Opinion, September 2017

Registration is still harder than it should be

It’s that time of year, folks: registration! This year Saint Augustine’s University has updated their process for becoming registered, but the question remains: has it improved enough to reduce the frustrations of the past.

As I came back to school, I was looking forward to this new and improved registeration process. I was hoping not to see any comparison to last years’ process, but it was hard not to. It seemed to me that a lot of last year’s issues still seemed unresolved.

For whatever reason, so many documents are apparently missing or lost, which makes the already long proccess of enrolling into the school that much more difficult.

As you go to station to station, it seems as if even if  you have the money to pay upfront rather than making deffered payments you cannot avoid delays. It still seems like it is almost impossible to complete the registration process in one day. That’s frustrating to most students, parents, and faculty.

It frustrates faculty because, for the first two weeks of school, new students are still showing up in their classes because they have just completed the registration process.

Parents are frustrated because when they drop their child off and help put their room together, they don’t expect to stay for more than one day, and they expect to have registeration done in one day as well. But for some reason it simply can not be done.

And lastly, students get upset at registration because an ominous cloud hangs over them until everything is approved such as loans being accepted. Anything that could result in a student not being able to attend would make anyone nervous.

Administrators at Saint Agustine’s always say they will use the feedback from students, parents, and faculty to improve the process, but whether or not the criticism is being received with open arms and open ears is still an open question.

Elyscia Vaughn Brown, a junior majoring in communications, is the editorial editor of the Falcon Forum.